Mindfulness and relaxation Classes

In my classes I use fun and creative activities to help the children notice what is happening around them and what they are feeling, in the present moment. We meet on a weekly basis with each term having its own theme. 

In each class, I use combination of the following to guide the children in mindfulness:

Fun Mindful Movement/Yoga

The importance of relaxation
Breathing Exercises/correct breathing techniques – deep breathing slows down their heart rates and encourages calm and helps to reduce stress.

Guided Visualisations  

Art/Creative therapy
The length of the classes are 30-45minuets long depending on the age group. The classes are kept small so that the children feel safe and that each child has the opportunity to share.







Yoga classes

• In kids yoga I tell a fun story which we act out using yoga poses.

• The stories are themed - jungle adventures, missions to the moon and ocean dives, and explore common issues kids experience such as bullying, managing frustration and friendships through the fun characters we meet. They can also be relevant for parts of the curriculum such as Geography or History or Healthy Eating.

• The classes last from 30 minutes to an hour depending on the age of the children. 


About Chillax kids

Carlye Hanna

I started Chillax kids in 2017 because after having two of my own children, I saw the importance of helping children better recognise and regulate their emotions, instead of simply being consumed by them.

By practising mindfulness regularly, children are able to respond more consciously and calmly to challenging situations.

I am passionate about guiding children in mindfulness so they have the opportunity to live a calmer, more mindful happy childhood. By teaching children how to look after their own mental health and wellbeing at an early age will enable them to be happy and healthy throughout their lives, enabling them to thrive and grow into successful young adults.  

I also value the importance of affirmations and use them in every class to help the children develop a positive self-image as they start to find their place in this world.

My classes can help children suffering with stress, anxiety, exam pressure, bullying, low confidence and more.   


I have completed the following training programs:


Certified Children’s Mindfulness and Meditation Facilitator Training.



Certified Cosmic Kids Yoga Teacher training

Fully insured and Enhanced DBS checked